Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This may be illegal, but...

I am attaching some recent race photos that I am way to cheap to actually purchase. These also may be illegal to put online, so if it is please let me know and this post will go away!

Right around the halfway point of the marathon!

Chatting with this guy around mile 15 who had run the 8k the day before, the half marathon that morning, and was now doing the full! He put it all into perspective. Crazy.

Marathon Mile 21ish...such a fake smile/wave. I was not feeling great here.

Almost at the finish line! Trying to look for my peeps!

Crossing the finish line!

Start of the Monument 10k...I promise I wear other shirts when I run but this was for a big Massey fundraiser!

This is one of my favorites. I look stealth. HA.

Finished! Pumped at my PR. I like that you can see my hat really clearly here.

Do you ever buy race photos? Am I going to jail with these?!

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