Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Life has been very exciting so far this year! From marathon training to school to various travels...I have had a great few months! I am excited to see more fun continuing as I head into summer, too. Here are some of my "upcoming's":

1. School ends...and starts again! My last class date of this semester is next Wednesday, April 29th! This semester has felt longer than the fall, not necessarily because of more work, but I think the winter tends to make everything feel longer. My classes went great (I only have a presentation separating me from being totally done), and I am still loving being in school. Working with the master's level students this semester has been SO great. It has reaffirmed that this is the right path for me.

I don't get much of a break, though, because on May 18th I start TWO summer school classes...

I am co-teaching a 5 week course (Secondary Counseling Seminar) for my teaching internship experience that runs Tuesday and Thursday's from 4-8:15. I will also be planning, grading and getting supervised for this course. I have already begun planning, though, and I a super-excited about teaching it! I think it will be a lot of fun and up my area. The class ends June 18th, though I will need to log hours and work on updating the course for next year until I get to 300 hours. Hopefully the slow summer days at my job will allow me time to do that!

My name isn't listed yet...but for a course next fall it will be!
During this time, I also am taking a statistic course (the first of many) Monday and Wednesday's from 4-6:40. This course should be easy, but taking it means that for 5 weeks I am at VCU Monday- Thursday. UGH. Those will be long weeks, but I am hopeful it will be over before I know it! The statistics course runs until July 9th. That is when I reward myself with a nice trip!

2. Traveling.  I have been traveling a lot the last month or so and more is coming! I am headed to Chicago May 1-4 with my brother, sister-in-law, and her twin sister. My whole family is going to Cincinnati to celebrate my grandmother's 95th birthday over Memorial Day weekend, and then my mom and I (along with some college friends and their families) are headed to Vancouver, Seattle, and a cruise to Alaska (!) in July. I am SO PUMPED about that trip- it'll be a full two weeks! To cap it all off, I am going to the Outer Banks again for a full week in August. Mixed in will be weekend/day trips to/from D.C. and Virginia Beach visiting friends for weddings and bridal showers, but those are the big ones! I am looking forward to them all.

The dunes of OBX!
3. Running. There is always something in the works with my running plans! I am not racing anymore this spring, but I am going to join the training team program we have in Richmond for the Richmond Marathon in November. Training officially starts the first weekend in June, but I will only go as it fits in my schedule throughout the summer. Once September hits I will start going weekly and really up my training. I also may do a local half marathon in August to kick-start my training. I am looking forward to being a part of a big training program and running a marathon that literally goes by my backdoor! :)

The last .1 of a hilly end to a half marathon...
Those are the main three things coming up for me! I will be busy, but it's all in a good way! 
What are your upcoming plans this summer?

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