Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Update

Hey there! Anyone else not into it being Monday?

I had a pretty good weekend. I decided to take a full week off from running (FINALLY) starting on Saturday. I should have done this after my marathon but the 10k race got the best of me, and then I had the half marathon, and then the temperatures were perfect...always a reason to keep going, right? But I noticed the aches that I have had for a while now aren't really getting any better even though they aren't getting worse. So when I looked ahead and saw the humidity would be high in Virginia for the majority of the week, I decided a week off would be good and I committed to it. So it is just walking and the elliptical for me! Surprisingly, I haven't missed running yet because I am still getting good miles in outside via my walks. Walking fast totally uses different muscle groups and allows me good views of my scenery, so I have been enjoying it. It just takes longer, which is my biggest complaint! If the humidity is awful this summer, though, I may try to do more miles walking than running anyways. That could be a better way for me to deal with the heat and still log miles for training. Honestly, as long as I am outside I get the same boost whether I am running or walking, which is good!

Anyways, as for my weekend happenings, on Friday night I went out to VMFA for their happy hour and then sat outside for dinner at Stuzzi's, which is a great Italian pizza place but they always take forever to make the food. I loved sitting outside, though!

Saturday I took my mom out to lunch for Mother's Day at Mosaic. It was delish. She requested a selfie.

After visiting with a friend in town, I went to the Flying Squirrel's Baseball game. The man standing up is our favorite local weatherman, Andrew Freiden! I totally geeked out over him being there.

Our group!

Since they won, we also got to see fireworks- it was actually impressive!

Sunday I food-prepped for the week and laid out at my friend's pool, which is down the road from me. Her chairs are much more comfortable than my pools' chairs! Also, as I get older I realize I only like to be out in the sun for 1-2 hours...I get hot and antsy after that!

I ended the weekend at my parent's house watching our diabetic cat-> they went out of town for the evening, so I spent the night so he could be fed and given his shots. I read and watched "This is Where I Leave You" on TV. The book was way better.

How was your weekend?
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