Wednesday, June 3, 2015

National Running Day

It's National Running Day! I obviously had to start my day off with a cool, drizzly run. And in honor of this great day, I want to steer you over to this post to read about why I run.

Bathroom selfie action before I PR'ed a 10k in the cold March weather sporting my marathon finisher hat!

I have run A LOT this year! Check out my stats:

I bet you can tell the months I was marathon training, huh?

In case you can't read it, this year I have run 589 miles! That is crazy! I may be insane, but it honestly is all about getting into a rhythm and then it becomes easy. Running is a part of my life. A GREAT part:) And even if you don't run and you get no joy from this day, I hope you find some sort of physical activity that fuels your life.

Have a great Wednesday!

If you are a far did you run today to celebrate?

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