Friday, June 26, 2015

Running is *not* hot & other random things

Each week during Saturday morning marathon, training a gentleman takes pictures of the 1,000 + runners. I don't know if this is supposed to be motivating or embarrassing, but this is what I look like at the end of a 9 mile, 80 degree and humid run:

I need to work on my posture!
I never think I look awesome while I run, but I really need to stand up straighter! I think as I get tired I start to slouch (and I have always blamed my scoliosis for hunching forward). On another note, I love my new running top that I got for my birthday! It is thin and doesn't feel super wet when I get sweaty:).

Also, I volunteered at Massey Cancer Center's Moonlight Magic event in early June and recently was sent a picture of me and my former coworker there! It was a fun night, and I loved visiting James River Cellars. So many awesome wineries in Central Virginia!

And, with all the summer driving (last Saturday I drove to and from D.C. within an afternoon), I think this is especially true. It seems the hotter it gets outside the more uncomfortable and impatient I am in my car...

Anyone else feel this way?
I am loving my four, 10-hour days at work, only because I get three day weekends! The days are LONG, but I try to incorporate walks and fun meetings to break up the days. Come Friday morning, though, I am more than ready to sleep in and not rush out the door at 5:30 AM. I also am feeling invigorated in certain areas of planning for next year, which is always good! The summer does help the heart grow fonder in education.

Finally- I have started watching "True Detective" (season 1) and "Girls" due to my friend's HBOGO account. Anyone else love like those shows? I don't love "True Detective," but I see the draw of it from how gritty and well-done it is. "Girls" is great and caters more to my TV mood at the moment- so many truthful experiences of young twentysomethings. I am almost at the end of season 2!

What are some random things from your week? Anyone reading anything good- I have been going through books really quickly and need ideas!

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