Thursday, July 30, 2015

Alaska Cruise on the Ruby Princess- Day 4

After Ketchikan, we went up Tracy Arm Fjord, which is an area of glaciers and mountains, at the crack of dawn the next day- from about 5 to 10 am! Luckily, it gets light so early up north that waking up is not hard. I got up and went to the top deck to watch the views. It was easily my favorite morning. Once we got to the turning around point I went to the gym to run and still got to see the incredible views- not too shabby of a way to get a workout in!


After the morning scenery, we docked in Alaska's capital city- Juneau! Did you know that the only way into the city is by plane or boat? We were surprised!

We started the day with a tour of the Mendenhall Glacier.

Then we went whale watching! They were feeding in packs of 9, so we saw them come up to the surface and dive back under for over an hour- it was so cool!

Then we went to dinner at a private lodge for Alaska Salmon! P.S.- we ate fish every day on the cruise- SO GOOD!

Afterwards we walked around the town since we got on our tour bus right when we docked. Lots of prostitutes were in Alaska...

Bear statues were in all the cities, so obviously I had to pose...

We were exhausted after a long day! On to Skagway!

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