Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Alaska Cruise on the Ruby Princess- Days 1 to 3

Continuing from our stay in Bellingham, my mom and I took another bus about an hour south on a Sunday morning to head into Seattle to catch our cruise! We arrived early (about 11:00) but were able to get checked in and boarded way earlier than we thought. It was such an easy process and everyone was so nice!

Some of the ship...

Yay for a room with a balcony!

The ship was huge and we got to know it very well over the next 7 days! We made a pact to never use the elevators since we knew we would be eating a lot of good food (food EVERYWHERE) and it ended up leaving us sore due to the ship being 18 stories- that's a lot of stairs!

Our day and a half was at sea, so we explored, worked out in the awesome gym, went to lots of shows (the entertainment was great) and played lots of cards with the group of friends and their families that I met up with. We immediately connected with our random dinner crew, and even though I was by far the youngest at our table, I quickly grew to look forward to our dinners (and the food didn't hurt)!

By Tuesday, we were in Ketchikan, Alaska!

 We explored and then went to a Totem Pole park that had breathtaking views!


I re-took pictures in the afternoon because it was clearer outside- cute town!


We had to be back on the ship by 1ish to head further north!

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