Friday, July 31, 2015

Alaska Cruise on the Ruby Princess- Days 5 to 7

Our last dock in Alaska was the city of Skagway! It is also the highest up north, so we had daylight from about 4:30 am to 10 pm- it was cool!

I finally got to run in Alaska on this day. I was hoping to do two runs outside but I didn't realize our dock time in Ketchikan was later than I thought. Of well, I got one in!

Skagway is a town of only about 1300 residents and even less in the summer, so we came during "busy" season and it is very cute but SMALL. It was developed during the gold rush and it is hard to imagine over 20,000 people being in that small town! 

It is at the base of many mountains, so we did a bike ride from the top of the mountain...and yup, the only day we were in a port that is rained was this day. Needless to say the bike ride was not the most fun part of my trip!

At the second view stop I had had enough of the rain. 

Customs on a bike! We didn't actually go to Canada, but the customs point is lower down the mountain due to avalanches so we got to bike through!

Lots of people on our boat did the steam train excursion!

I wish it had not been foggy or rainy so we would have had better views, but I appreciate what they could have been! Our guides were awesome, even though I was moved to the back due to going the slowest!:) I definitely prefer pedaling and even hills to zooming down a mountain at 15 mph!

We boarded the ship by 5 PM and were at sea for two straight days. I didn't know how I would like being at sea for so long, but, I tell ya, it was nice! It is truly one of the only times in life where you literally don't have any place you have to be or anything you have to do- you don't need to cook, clean, do laundry or go anywhere! Myself being a planner, it was such a nice feeling that I don't get a lot. I decided to get my long run in on the treadmill (12 miles) since we had time and then our group ate a lot, played cards, went to lots of shows and entertainment activities, and just enjoyed being on the ship. It was nice!

We docked at our last stop in Victoria, Canada at 7 PM on Saturday night. My mom and I decided to walk into town and explore on our own. It was gorgeous!

I love Canada! I may move there...:)

We were exhausted when we got back and so sad knowing we were done with the cruise:( We had to be out by 8 am the next morning.

For those of you thinking about doing an Alaskan cruise- DO IT. It was a great ship and beautiful scenery. My mom and I totally think we will do more cruises in the future.  The food, people, staff, entertainment and sites were great!

I also enjoyed having practically no internet or cell service for a week. Occasionally we had some spots in certain cities, but when we were at sea we were totally isolated from the world. It was so nice, and I am really going to try to limit my time on social media from now on because I realized I did not miss it nor did I care what was going with anyone else. The only thing I wanted to do each day online was sync my fitbit because of how much walking we did on the ship and in the cities:)

One more post on Seattle!

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