Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vancouver & Bellingham

Hello, strangers! I was on vacation for a total of 12 glorious days, so pardon my lack of posts. I went to so many different places and saw such a variety of beauty. Let's start with Vancouver and Bellingham, Washington!

My mom and I arrived in Vancouver late on a Wednesday night (awesome airport, by the way!) and checked in to the most amazing Air B & B EVER! 

Awesome views and contemporary style, right?

We spent two days totally exploring the city and nearby mountains.  I would live there in a heartbeat!- very contemporary, easy to get around outside and so beautiful. The weather was also perfect, which didn't hurt! Did I mention I did not miss humidity at all?!

Here are some of my favorite pictures! Mountains EVERYWHERE.

We went on a bike ride around Stanley Park to see the seawall...

We went up Grouse Mountain (where a famous scene of "The X Files" was filmed and The Today Show did their broadcast from for the 2010 Olympics).

We also did the Capilano suspension bridge, which took us two tries to go across since it sways so much. It was initially very scary because the quarry has a HUGE drop, but we felt better after going across once.

We sadly had to leave after a few days, but took a bus about an hour south (our first time crossing the border in a bus!) to Bellingham, Washington to visit my friend Sarah and her husband, Mike!

That is the view from their back porch! We spent the day crabbing on the lake and eating great food all while enjoying the views:) It was a nice change of pace after three busy days of city exploring.

Alaska pictures are next!

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