Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm Alive! And I did more traveling...

Hey there! How has August been going for you? I, once again, after a week and a half of actually working and doing normal life things, went away again for ten days! I just can't sit still in the summer:)

I went on an impromptu trip to NYC the first weekend of August to visit my friend Jessica, who is getting married later this month, because I had to miss her Bachelorette due to being in Alaska!

I took the train from Richmond-> NYC, which is about 6 hours and includes a pit stop in Union Station (D.C.) where we have enough time to get off and walk around. I love D.C.!

Right when I got to NYC, I saw that Gotham was filming by my friend's apartment! No celeb sightings, but it was very cool to see the set and this cool car. She lives right by Wall Street.

Amongst other things, we went and visited the new World Trade Center building and memorial. It was very moving and a completely different site from when I first visited in April 2002.

We had an awesome dinner for restaurant week at Park Ave Summer and saw this nice sunset with our drinks afterwards:)

On Saturday, after a great morning run along lower Manhattan (I haven't been to the financial area in a while, so it was fun to stay down there and explore-> she just moved there), we explored Brooklyn for the first time! We walked around and went to a great pizza place.

I got home from NYC on a Sunday night and headed to Duck (Outer Banks) the next morning! It was my dad's birthday! He celebrated like a boss.

The weather all week was perfect- low humidity and sunny. Such a nice treat for August! AND I got in all my training runs, including a 16-miler!

My friend and her kiddos came to visit for a few days:) We loved on baby Everett!

Friends for over 10 years!

We also did puzzles! Took us 3 days with 5 people contributing...

These sunsets over the sound NEVER get old...

 SERIOUSLY. I can't even.

I am coming to grips with the fact that my big summer travels are over, but I am trying to be optimistic about some fun weekend getaways and school getting underway. Classes at VCU start this week and teachers come back to work soon, so things will be back in full swing, which I am excited about. To me summer is all about traveling, so working has been hard, but once fall rolls around, I tend to enjoy normal life stuff a little more. I am looking forward to cooler weather on the horizon, too, and not having to do long training runs on my own:) Doing a 12, 14 and 16 miler without a training team was not as fun!

What have you been up to?! 
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