Saturday, September 26, 2015

Richmond Marathon Training Part 2

Here is another cluster of weeks of training! I had 1.5 weeks of no running due to a nagging hip/IT band pain developing. I figured I would take it as a sign to rest and make sure it doesn't develop into anything worse. This is what happens with long training seasons!

August 23- 30 (Week 7)
Mon- Elliptical
Tues- 4.1 miles
Wed- 6 miles speed work
Thurs- Rest
Fri- 13.1 miles
Sat- Rest
Sun- 6 miles speed work
Total: 29.1 miles

August 31- Sept 6 (Week 8)
Mon- 4 miles
Tues- Rest
Wed- 8 miles
Thurs- 4.15 miles (am) + 3 miles (pm)
Fri- Rest
Sat- 16 miles (hip pain developing)
Sun- 3 miles
Total: 38.15 miles

September 7- 13 (Week 9)
Mon- 8 miles (hip pain recurring)
Tues- Elliptical
Wed- 4 miles (ankle pain- decided to take some time off)
Thurs- 3 mile walk
Fri- 3 mile walk
Sat- Elliptical
Sun- 5 mile walk
Total: 12 mile running + 11 miles walking

September 14- 20 (Week 10)
Mon- 3 mile walk
Tues- Elliptical
Wed- 3.75 mile walk
Thurs- Rest
Fri- 4 mile walk
Sat- Elliptical
Sun- 3.5 mile run:) Injury feels good!
Total: 10.75 miles walking + 3.5 running

September 21- 27 (Week 11)
Mon- 4.25 miles
Tues- Elliptical
Wed- 8 miles
Thurs- 4 miles
Fri- Rest
Sat- 18 miles
Sun- 3 miles
Total: 37. 25 miles

I have 7 weeks to go! Two more long runs (I may do two 20's this cycle) and the rest of the longer runs are drop backs of 12 miles. Weekday runs are heading into high gear, though, with some 9 and 10- milers coming up and the shorter runs jumping to 5 miles. It's nice to have the end in sight, and I am enjoying the cooler weather but am even more excited for it to cool off even more!
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