Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The night I met David Duchovny

So I fulfilled a childhood dream on Monday night, and met David Duchovny at a concert in D.C. You may or may not know he released an album (because why not when you have that much money?), but my love for him extends from The X Files, Californication and various movies. I have had a fangirl crush on him since I was 14.

The meet and greet tickets were not SUPER expensive, so I forked over a little extra money to guarantee that I would meet him. I figured that this would probably never happen again and since we was coming so close to where I live, I needed to do this! I still regret not seeing him on broadway a few years back...

So I got my bro and sis-in-law to join me (along with a friend and his wife) and we ventured into D.C. during rush hour on a Monday (woot woot). I did get to leave work early to drive up, so it made my Monday at work more exciting than normal:)

Howard Theater is in a cool part of D.C. right off U street. I just love D.C. so much it is always fun to go into the city. The theater had tables, a bar and a main floor area in front of the stage, which made it feel more like a lounge than a concert area. It was cool!

Meeting him was super-quick, but amazing. Once the doors opened at 6, I was in a line that wrapped down the stairs to a dressing room. We were instructed to give our phone to a lady when we walked in, shake his hand and chit chat quickly before taking the picture. I told him I liked his leather jacket and got to shake his hand twice:) He looked SO GOOD! Better in person than on TV. And I would like to point out how skinny his legs are...

My marathon training legs can take his.
I was literally shaking when I left the room because of how good he looked. And then I proceeded to social media my picture for all my friends and family. It was awesome. Currently I have upwards of 150 likes- this is equivalent to an engagement announcement. No big deal.

My group then had dinner next door and went back in a little later to catch the show! My camera did not take great pictures, but check them out! 

He bantered with the crowd between songs and I was close to the stage the whole time (standing room only tickets). It was really cool to see him so close for so long. He is not an amazing singer or anything (he has so much money, I am sure this is just a dream/fantasy hobby), but the opportunity to see him perform and meet him was amazing. There were definitely some crazy fan people there (they made me feel much better about my level of obsession for him), but it was a very cool night. I probably enjoyed him talking between the songs the most, but there were some catchy songs and the band was great (I should probably listen to my signed CD)! 

The group consensus was that it was very fun, but he is not what anyone would call a singer. In fact, my brother joked that this might have made him like him less, but I beg to differ:)  We also had a bet on how many times he would mention The X Files and we all lost- he never mentioned the show or anyone related to it at all! This was clearly a night about the music. Ha.

And now I can die happy:)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Richmond Marathon Training Part 3

I am officially in taper time! I am actually looking forward to a few weeks of more sleep and rest, but I am very excited for race day. My 20 miler on Saturday was on pace for a marathon PR and I felt great when we ended (still running negative mile splits). I also wasn't very sore on Sunday, so I think this bodes well for race day if I can stay healthy:) I think running two 20's actually was good for me because I noticed big gains between the two. I wouldn't recommend that for a first time marathon training cycle, but I see the benefits for people who have done a marathon before and have better muscle memory. My paces between the two were 9:25 versus 9:18 just two weeks later and my recovery was much faster after the second 20 miler. Our bodies are amazing things:)

September 28- October 4 (Week 12)
Mon- 4 miles
Tues-  Elliptical
Wed- 8 miles
Thurs- 5.15 miles
Fri- Rest
Sat- 12 miles
Sun- Elliptical
Total: 29.15 miles

October 5- 11 (Week 13)
Mon- 4 miles
Tues- 3.5 miles
Wed- 9 miles
Thurs- Rest
Fri- 5.15 miles
Sat- Rest
Sun- 20 miles
Total: 41.65 miles

October 12- 18 (Week 14)
Mon- Elliptical
Tues- Elliptical (extra sore this week from the 20 miler)
Wed- 9 miles
Thurs- 5.05 miles
Fri- Rest
Sat- 12 miles
Sun- 5 miles
Total: 31.05 miles

October 19- 25 (Week 15)
Mon- Rest
Tues- 10 miles
Wed- 5 miles
Thurs- 5 miles
Fri- Rest
Sat- 20 miles
Sun-  3 miles
Total: 43 miles (This is about as high as I can go without getting aches and pains)!

All smiles right after a 9:18 mile pace 20 miler!!!
Three weeks to go!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Brian Wilson

My dad and I went to see Brian Wilson last night at The National in Richmond and had a great time! (My favorite quote of my night was my dad saying, "You know, Robyn, I don't know how excited you are about this, but he is a living legend." HA! I know dad- I only grew up listening to his music ALL THE TIME from you). I was very impressed with his band and was once again reminded of how much I love his music. It was a late night for me, as the concert was from 8-10:15 PM (on a school night!!!), but I enjoyed myself. Check out some of the pictures and video below:)

Also, we think one guy thought I was my dad's younger wife- that was a first! Ha!

Ignore my signing on the video :)

Otherwise, I have been sleeping a lot this week to get over my cold, rest during my peak week in running (I had two 5-milers and a 10-miler this week), and prep for my final 20 miler tomorrow! I feel good, but I am VERY excited to begin tapering:):):) I am looking forward to an evening of catching up on all the shows I missed last night and hitting the sack early! Welcome to adulthood...aka marathon training:)

Have a great Friday!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Work Lately

We have a Vet Science class at my school, so I have been enjoying the animals lately! Especially as I am battling being so tired/sore/sick this week from marathon training and a cold, getting to hold and spend time with the animals really is like therapy. It also calms the students down. It is amazing to see their demeanor change when they see animals in the building (one student who was having an anxiety attack was completely calmed down by a kitten). Animals are universal healers! I think they should be in every school:)

Chef J's dog, Maisie!
Hershey and friend.
Sweet Becky!
The kitten I am SO TEMPTED to adopt...Feisty!
Another one of our coworkers dogs!

So as you all know, I have a cat, but do we think I can adopt another one? I think Romo might like a friend to play with...


Mom if you bring home another animal....
Have a great weekend with your furbabies, families and friends:)

Monday, October 12, 2015

ACES 2015 in Philadelphia

I spent last Thursday through Saturday in Philadelphia for the Association for Counselor Education & Supervision (ACES) Conference!

This was my first time in Philly, and my first time presenting at a conference. We stayed at the Downtown Marriott near the Convention Center (which was a great location), and I was able to explore a good part of the city. The conference itself was overwhelming (sooooo many sessions!), but I enjoyed meeting new people and having a few days of professional development. I haven't made my mind up about my thoughts on Philadelphia yet because there were things I liked and didn't like about it, but I would definitely go back to see more museums.

Liberty Bell!
Liberty Hall where Continental Congress occurred.
View of city from Lincoln Square.
Lincoln Square
Reading Market- really cool and right across from our hotel!
City Hall
A Frosty at the train station- I had 20 miles the next day!
I also did a nice run along a trail by the river on Friday morning that went by the art museum and Boathouse row- I wish I could have explored it more by bike! Philly has a lot of very historic buildings in the midst of all the newer skyscrapers, so I would love to learn more about the history of the city for another visit. I really enjoy cities, so I can honestly see myself living in a number of them, but Philly has a different feel to it which is why I can't put my finger on my thoughts about it exactly. 

It was a good end of the week and all the traveling went smoothly- love the train:) Hope your weekend was great!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


If you know me or have read this blog, you know I am a cat lover. My boys, Milo and Romo, have made appearances numerous times.

Romo loved Milo, and Milo took the role of big brother pretty well:)
I got Milo in the spring of 1999 as a kitten. He was my dream cat- an orange tabby- and was named after the similar cat in the great movie "The Adventures of Milo and Otis." My family's cat Beanie had passed that February, and Milo was a welcome addition a few months later. He was the very first kitten we ever had, and we loved the energy he brought with him (but not that whole clawing the couch/climbing curtains thing...#webelieveindeclawing)! He was also our first boy cat, so we discovered what fun they are, which would eventually lead me to getting another boy cat 9 years later.

He quickly became friends with our dog, Ginger, and tormented our other cat, Mandy. His personality was nothing but fun and social from the beginning, and he was popular among friends and family. He even sucked his tail when he was a baby:) It was the cutest thing ever! I wish I had those pictures scanned.

Milo grew to be a very big boy (18 pounds- but I stand firm that he was big boned NOT fat) and never let go of his cool demeanor. He tolerated Romo when we got him, and always won the fights they would have. Though as he got older he definitely got grouchy, he was a snuggler, always let me pick him up, napped on my dad's lap every day, and always meowed loudly when I would sing to him (I think my pitch hurt his ears)! Though I think my parents didn't appreciate his 5 AM (even on weekends) wake-up calls for food or his preferences in seating areas (he was a GREAT seat stealer- warm spots were his favorite).

Our first cat to drink from the toilet...and he sadly isn't our last.
Chillin' in the tub...because, why not?
His last few years weren't as great- he developed diabetes that required twice-a-day shots- but he still never lost his personality. We didn't know what went into taking care of a cat with diabetes (it is a lot), and we were thankful that we were able to control it for the last 5 years. The vet had warned us that cats with diabetes don't typically like past 16 years, so we were always watching out for changes in his behavior. Sadly, just a month ago we noticed he was losing weight and discovered a tumor in his mouth. We were able to prepare ourselves and made sure the last few weeks were as comfortable as possible for him. Yesterday we found out that the tumor had broken his jaw and he no longer could eat. We made the decision to end his pain then, in a way I hope was the right choice, and one in which I wish we could offer to people:(. My mom and I got to spend some nice time with him to say goodbye before it was done.

Christmas 2014
Milo was 16 and a half years old and brought joy to out family and our friends. I never will probably have another cat with the same laid-back, social personality (nor one as big), and I will for sure never forget him. He is the 100% reason I became a cat person!

We will love and miss you, Milo, and we hope you are now pain-free and at peace:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What's on my TV

With all the new shows that come each fall, I frequently get overwhelmed with the new choices of shows to watch. I am not a good "casual viewer" of shows. When I watch a show, I feel the need to watch it every week and stay up-to-date on what is going on. This puts unnecessary pressure on myself, but I hate being behind in the plots!

This summer I tried to watch a few shows on Netflix that were highly recommended- Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, The Wire- and I am just not into them. I think violence/blood/guts/zombies is not what I am currently craving in a TV show. I also started The West Wing, and I like it but have a hard time binge watching it. Mainly I stuck to rewatching old shows I have already seen a million times...but I wanted to spread my horizons. When the new shows started over the past few weeks, I got excited about new additions to my lineup.

So here is what has been on my TV lately:

  1. How to Get Away with Murder: I heard about this last year but never gave it a fair shot because it comes on at 10 PM and I am never up that late! It began streaming on Netflix recently, so of course I watched the entire first season in one week (to be fair, it rained a lot)! I really liked the first season, but have not loved the first two episodes of season 2. Hopefully it will get it's groove back.
  2. The Mindy Project: I have watched this since it started on FOX, but now it is on hulu, so I had to register for a free trail to keep watching. I hope I can keep doing that to watch this whole season. Mindy Kailing is hilarious and I like a lot of the supporting characters.
  3. Quantico: This is a new one that I really liked the premiere episode of! It's about the FBI training academy and flash-forwards to a terrorist attach that was presumably done by one of the cadets, so it will keep you guessing all season. I like the leading actress a lot. I am hopeful it will stay good!
  4. The Grinder: OMG FRED SAVAGE! I love seeing him on my TV screen and not strictly behind-the-scenes (he directs/produces a lot). This one was funny and looks promising!
  5. Grandfathered: This looks promising too, and I enjoyed the first episode. I love John Stamos.
  6. The Affair: My girlfriends and I randomly found this this past weekend and saw three episodes in a row. It apparently won the Golden Globe last season, and we all were sucked in. It is told from two different perspectives so you don't really know the whole truth the whole time. Sadly, it is on Showtime so I can't watch it at my house, but it gives us an excuse to get together to watch!
So those are the new shows I am into! Enough to keep me busy, right? I also have been on a reading spree, which I do a lot of during commercials or when I am on the elliptical on cross training days. I love to multitask! :)

What is on your TV?