Monday, October 26, 2015

Richmond Marathon Training Part 3

I am officially in taper time! I am actually looking forward to a few weeks of more sleep and rest, but I am very excited for race day. My 20 miler on Saturday was on pace for a marathon PR and I felt great when we ended (still running negative mile splits). I also wasn't very sore on Sunday, so I think this bodes well for race day if I can stay healthy:) I think running two 20's actually was good for me because I noticed big gains between the two. I wouldn't recommend that for a first time marathon training cycle, but I see the benefits for people who have done a marathon before and have better muscle memory. My paces between the two were 9:25 versus 9:18 just two weeks later and my recovery was much faster after the second 20 miler. Our bodies are amazing things:)

September 28- October 4 (Week 12)
Mon- 4 miles
Tues-  Elliptical
Wed- 8 miles
Thurs- 5.15 miles
Fri- Rest
Sat- 12 miles
Sun- Elliptical
Total: 29.15 miles

October 5- 11 (Week 13)
Mon- 4 miles
Tues- 3.5 miles
Wed- 9 miles
Thurs- Rest
Fri- 5.15 miles
Sat- Rest
Sun- 20 miles
Total: 41.65 miles

October 12- 18 (Week 14)
Mon- Elliptical
Tues- Elliptical (extra sore this week from the 20 miler)
Wed- 9 miles
Thurs- 5.05 miles
Fri- Rest
Sat- 12 miles
Sun- 5 miles
Total: 31.05 miles

October 19- 25 (Week 15)
Mon- Rest
Tues- 10 miles
Wed- 5 miles
Thurs- 5 miles
Fri- Rest
Sat- 20 miles
Sun-  3 miles
Total: 43 miles (This is about as high as I can go without getting aches and pains)!

All smiles right after a 9:18 mile pace 20 miler!!!
Three weeks to go!

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