Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What's on my TV

With all the new shows that come each fall, I frequently get overwhelmed with the new choices of shows to watch. I am not a good "casual viewer" of shows. When I watch a show, I feel the need to watch it every week and stay up-to-date on what is going on. This puts unnecessary pressure on myself, but I hate being behind in the plots!

This summer I tried to watch a few shows on Netflix that were highly recommended- Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, The Wire- and I am just not into them. I think violence/blood/guts/zombies is not what I am currently craving in a TV show. I also started The West Wing, and I like it but have a hard time binge watching it. Mainly I stuck to rewatching old shows I have already seen a million times...but I wanted to spread my horizons. When the new shows started over the past few weeks, I got excited about new additions to my lineup.

So here is what has been on my TV lately:

  1. How to Get Away with Murder: I heard about this last year but never gave it a fair shot because it comes on at 10 PM and I am never up that late! It began streaming on Netflix recently, so of course I watched the entire first season in one week (to be fair, it rained a lot)! I really liked the first season, but have not loved the first two episodes of season 2. Hopefully it will get it's groove back.
  2. The Mindy Project: I have watched this since it started on FOX, but now it is on hulu, so I had to register for a free trail to keep watching. I hope I can keep doing that to watch this whole season. Mindy Kailing is hilarious and I like a lot of the supporting characters.
  3. Quantico: This is a new one that I really liked the premiere episode of! It's about the FBI training academy and flash-forwards to a terrorist attach that was presumably done by one of the cadets, so it will keep you guessing all season. I like the leading actress a lot. I am hopeful it will stay good!
  4. The Grinder: OMG FRED SAVAGE! I love seeing him on my TV screen and not strictly behind-the-scenes (he directs/produces a lot). This one was funny and looks promising!
  5. Grandfathered: This looks promising too, and I enjoyed the first episode. I love John Stamos.
  6. The Affair: My girlfriends and I randomly found this this past weekend and saw three episodes in a row. It apparently won the Golden Globe last season, and we all were sucked in. It is told from two different perspectives so you don't really know the whole truth the whole time. Sadly, it is on Showtime so I can't watch it at my house, but it gives us an excuse to get together to watch!
So those are the new shows I am into! Enough to keep me busy, right? I also have been on a reading spree, which I do a lot of during commercials or when I am on the elliptical on cross training days. I love to multitask! :)

What is on your TV?

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