Friday, October 16, 2015

Work Lately

We have a Vet Science class at my school, so I have been enjoying the animals lately! Especially as I am battling being so tired/sore/sick this week from marathon training and a cold, getting to hold and spend time with the animals really is like therapy. It also calms the students down. It is amazing to see their demeanor change when they see animals in the building (one student who was having an anxiety attack was completely calmed down by a kitten). Animals are universal healers! I think they should be in every school:)

Chef J's dog, Maisie!
Hershey and friend.
Sweet Becky!
The kitten I am SO TEMPTED to adopt...Feisty!
Another one of our coworkers dogs!

So as you all know, I have a cat, but do we think I can adopt another one? I think Romo might like a friend to play with...


Mom if you bring home another animal....
Have a great weekend with your furbabies, families and friends:)
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