Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Honda-ween!

I had a very exciting Halloween weekend!
First off, I had my 12 mile training run on Saturday morning that I did at goal marathon pace, so I was very excited about that (and the fact that I didn't have to run 20 miles)!
Secondly, after I got back from D.C. on Tuesday, my car started to make some odd rattling noises under the hood. This is my 2004 Saturn Ion that I bought after college with only 20k miles. She now has 108k miles, and has some "quirks," if you will. The coolant light has been on for over a year (the coolant is fine), the left windshield wiper is not on correctly (I had to get the bulb replaced last year and it has never been the same), I can't always get the key out of the ignition due to an electronic issue that never does it when I take it to the dealer so they won't fix it, her sunroof drains sometimes leak in my trunk and passenger floor, her hubcaps keep popping off, her paint is faded and the inside seats are stained, and her front lights keep getting a film on them due to a moisture issue, so I don't get great vision in the dark. Nevertheless, she is paid off and the taxes on her are super cheap! However, I told myself I would no longer put money into her because I am an adult and can afford a new car, so when the rattling started I was pushed to finally pull the trigger.
I have wanted a Honda Civic forever, so I did some research at the end of last week on prices and reviews, and went to the dealership to test drive. Well, of course I loved the car and due to my awesome credit score, the financing is very reasonable (.9% APR) and I was able to get what I think is a good deal for a 2015 since the 2016's are coming out now.
So at about 3:30 yesterday, I walked away from ROLYWA...(I am not keeping the same plates due to the vanity/UVA fees I got sick of paying every year)...
to this beautiful unnamed vehicle:) My first brand new car EVER.
Isn't she pretty and shinny?! And she has a back up camera, side camera, Bluetooth (and all that fancy jazz), alloy wheels and is alllll black. I was able to put down a solid down payment and my monthly fees aren't bad at all. Now, I have never in my life had a car payment, so we will see how fast I pay her off just so I don't have one anymore:) BUT I do recognize that my money is worth more earning interest in the bank than paying her off as fast as I can, and since I still want to travel and put money into retirement funds, and am paying for school, I am going to try to not pay her off super-fast, just so I have money for other things:) Welcome to adult financial decisions, right?! But can we say "road trip" fast enough for my two-week winter break coming up? There is some money saved right there versus flying somewhere (my gas mileage will be amazing)! See, she is paying for herself already:)
Afterwards, it was time to celebrate Halloween, so I borrowed some clothes to dress as the Easter Bunny and went to my friend's house for our version of Halloween- aka wine and a potluck!
In character as a Ninja Turtle, Egg, Bunny and Robber

Friends on Halloween:)

I just love Stewart (the dog) looking so guilty here:)

So I had a very successful weekend and I am looking forward to two days this week of no students due to Election and Parent/Teacher Conference day! Happy November- the official start of the holiday season:)
How was your Halloween? Ever bought a new car?
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