Monday, January 9, 2017

Snow Days!

Happy Monday! Only a week into the new year and I am already off work from SNOW. We got about 8 inches (this is my guesstimate as I did not even bother measuring) from a big winter storm on Saturday. It has also been freezing. We hit 0 degrees last night and have not seen anything above 32 degrees since briefly on Friday afternoon. I love cold weather but I draw the line at single digits! This is Virginia after all. I didn't NEED a snow day just yet, so I really hope this isn't it for the season. Usually mid to late February snow is very much needed and appreciated :).

Since I have mainly been snow bound besides snow walks/runs (thankfully my condo's treadmill is in working order!) and a quick trip to the grocery story yesterday because I desperately needed kitty litter, I have done a lot of lounging and TV watching (Westworld anyone?)...and drinking. Ha! I only wish classes had started and I could get ahead on the semester...oh, well. I DID do most of my planning for the class I am teaching, so I guess that counts?

The kitties enjoyed the snow!

I love my neighborhood:)

I also had a very exciting Thursday and Friday...I sold my condo! Pending good home inspections this week, I will have a new house in February! This has all happened very quickly and pretty much down to the wire (I had a contingency contract on a house where I needed to sell my condo and the owner got another offer the same day I got an offer on my condo), so I am hopeful all will go well and things will continue to work out. I have LOVED my condo (and I still do!), but having more space and more room to make a place my own, have a yard and live a little more privately is so exciting to me! I have a backyard! A porch! An upstairs! I have already begun decorating in my mind:)

That is all for me...I hope you are staying warm!