Monday, February 20, 2017

I moved!


Well, many weeks later, a sold condo and a new house, I am officially a HOUSE owner! My condo closed on February 8th, my house closed on the 9th, and I moved in myself (with the help of my parents and a coworker) on the 10th! So as of today, I have been in the house for 11 days! Just this weekend, since it was a long weekend, I painted the living room and dining room and have been shopping/decorating my house. Starting yesterday, it really has begun to feel like home, and not like I am living in a strange place. 

So....let's take a tour!

House in the summer....door is no longer red.

Painted and re-arranged living room! 

View when you walk in!

Painted dining room!


Guest room (and my room for the first week waiting for my bed to be delivered)



Off-kitchen half basement- it's such a nifty storage space.

Dining room (view from the kitchen)


Walk in closet!

Walk in closet!

View from closet towards bathroom (and a kitty).
I have a yard but it needs a little upkeeping, so I have no good pictures! I am still looking for more furniture for my bedroom upstairs (I am thinking a bigger rug and storage shelves with baskets for items) and a bigger accent chair for downstairs....and yard chairs/equipment...but it really does feel like home! I even did some yard work this weekend....aka 20 minutes of picking up tree "balls" (I never remember what they are actually called)..