Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today I competed in my second race ever, the Monument Avenue 10k. It was a blast! I went with my mom and 35,000 other racers. I orginally planned to walk the event with my mom, but I got so pumped up that halfway to the 2nd mile, I just started running and couldn't stop! My poor mom was left behind. The course was beautiful and flat, and the temperature was a little chilly, so the conditions were perfect for my type of running (I like cooler weather and no hills!). There was great music and great spectators cheering us on! I knew tons of people doing the event, but due to my starting wave I only saw about 4 people I knew there. I finished the race in 69 minutes, which considering I walked much of the first 2 miles was great time. Next year I am going to train to run it and hopefully get my time to 60 minutes or under. I am also running a 5k in May, which I ran last year, and aim to finish that in under 30 minutes. Races are really fun and help me enjoy running more, since I have a goal in mind!

I am paying for not training now though- I am sore and know I will be even sorer tomorrow. I even have huge blister on the bottom of my left foot. But I have new shoes and am ready to begin training again! Such a fun morning:).
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