Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why do I have to get married to get stuff?!

All during my friend’s bridal shower this weekend I was thinking…what if I don’t get married- do I not get to register and get some house gifts?! It seems unfair that I won’t have the chance to get nice pots and pans or dishes or towels or coffee makers or bedspreads! Why do you have to get married to get all that stuff? I need those things regardless if I am married or not! Just because I don’t have a husband or a family doesn’t mean I don’t cook (well I don’t) or want to live in a nice, decorated home (I do). So I decided that if I am not married by the time I am 30 (which the way things are going is a strong possibility) I am going to have a 30th birthday registry! I won’t go too expensive, but I still will register for all the essential items that I still deserve☺. If I have to buy all my friends gifts when they get married, they should have to do the same for me even if I don’t. If I eventually get married, I just won’t register for things I already have. After all, most of them will get divorced and they will still have all their nice wedding gifts to use in their single life. While I, single, will still have nothing.
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