Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blog Motivation & Holiday Happenings

I have been struggling with blogging motivation lately. I was looking through my posts from the last few years (especially last year) and I blogged much more than I do now. I wish I could say I have the same desire to do that now...but I don't. I have contemplated keeping this blog up and running or taking a step back and trying to become more private (I feel like since I started blogging, social media/internet has really taken the place of so much of what this blog was for me in terms of saying how I was feeling and documenting parts of my life). I find that instagram is my new "daily life" social media avenue. Also, the less I am on the internet/blogging, the happier I actually am, but I do enjoy having some sort of personal diary to look back on, which is essentially what this blog has been for me. I have some posts planned for the remainder of this month, but I may take a step back in 2016...we'll see!

It didn't take baby Libby long to knock over my small tree!
Updates for me as of now...I finished my 4th semester of PhD work! It was a really nice semester between supervising master's level students and taking a Statistics class. It was also very easy semester for me, and the spring looks to be much more busy, so I have definitely been spoiled! I am a little antsy about needing to do more research though. Presenting and teaching is not a problem for me (I am getting paid to teach adjunct next semester- woot woot! and I have a big presentation coming up in March in Montreal), but I do need to align myself with a professor to do more research. However, I really have enjoyed this PhD experience so much that I almost don't want to ruin it with "feeling" like I have to do anything. It has been much more of a personal growth and learning for fun experience (imagine that-> school can be fun?!). I have ideas of what I want to do when I finish, but I am not in a rush about anything. Even if I graduate and stay doing things similar to what I am doing now, it will have been worth it. As I get older I realize what a privilege it is to be able to afford to continue my education and how learning is a wonderful/insightful thing, and I want to keep it that way:) I am exactly halfway done with classes now! I have one and a half years to go until dissertation's flying by!

Besides finishing classes, I have been playing with my new kitty (baby Libby) and her brother and celebrating the holidays! I have also been running more casually since I don't have any big races on the calendar for a while. It has been nice to run a more normal amount (aka not 15+ miles at a time), but I still enjoy my Saturday morning group runs!

Work Holiday Party!
She is so sweet when she sits still!
Tacky Lights!
This picture makes it look like they actually get along...
James Center!
The Jefferson Hotel decorated for Christmas!
I have one more day of work before my two weeks off (!!!) and many more parties this weekend (I have three alone Saturday night)!. I am heading to the Outer Banks for a few days early next week before Christmas, and then family comes in afterwards. I am very much looking forward to the break! I still wish I could take a bigger trip during these weeks off, but it is a hard time of year to travel with people and for good deals. Don't worry- I have a spring and summer full of great trips that I am sure I will document even if I blog much less:)

What funs things have you been up to?
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