Monday, July 2, 2012

Things I Forget

I have been thinking lately about how you have so many memories, but you never think of them every day or at one moment, so often we forget the happy, sad, fun, awkward, or embarrassing things that have happened to us.

Here are some memories that I had not thought of until recently:

  • Playing in the evenings with my dad behind my neighborhood elementary school and being carried home on his shoulders listening to his feet hit the gravel and the "crunch" sound that makes.
  • Getting in trouble in music class in kindergarten when I refused to stand up (I said "no" when the teacher asked everyone to get up), and my music teacher dragged me to the class door and made me sit until class was over. My classroom teacher then told me how disappointed she was in me because I was the line leader that week. I was traumatized and never got in trouble in school again. Ironically, I loved music.
  • Sitting at baseball games watching my brothers play and eating ice cream cones on blankets in the grass.
  • Monday night ravioli and bagel nights when dad worked late. Such a luxury!
  • Before I had a Ken doll, Barbie was a lesbian!! How did I know about lesbians at age 8? I have no idea, but I was always open-minded! I know my mom and dad had no idea what Barbie was doing...

    My looks may be deceiving...
  • In middle school, it was a GREAT week if I didn't get in a fight with one of my friends. Why do I remember middle school so fondly, then?

    Love ya this week.

  • In high school I learned the importance of "squatting" when you pee. Except one time I missed and peed all over my pants. I had to walk around the rest of the day with a jacket tied around my waste. I thought it was hilarious!
  • During my 3rd year of college, I shared a double parking space with a sorority sister since we lived in the house. This meant that we each had each others key and had to move the others car if we were parked in. How annoying that was (good thing you don't drive much in college)!
  • I *did* do the college spring break/beach week thing and spent money, had fun and survived. So I guess I used to be able to drink more than two drinks without getting drunk?

  • The awful summer of 2010 when I interviewed and interviewed and interviewed and finally got a job 4 days before I had to start. I need to remember that awful feeling of not knowing if I would be able to not only take care of myself, but prove to people that I deserved a job. I need to be reminded of this on days at work that I am fed up with everything!

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