Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saying Goodbye

It is a very bittersweet week for me, because this is my last official week at Meadowbrook High School (I started my new job on January 28th, but due to the transition and time lapse in hiring and training a new counselor, I have been working from MBK for the last few weeks). I am leaving my first "real" job after having finished graduate school, and a place where I have met the most amazing people.

Before this job existed, I remember what a tough summer I had interviewing for counseling jobs. I interviewed for probably 5 or 6 positions and had no luck. All my grad school friends were being offered jobs and I was hearing nothing. I remember where I was exactly when I got the call about interviewing for a testing coordinator position at Meadowbrook as a backup in case nothing counseling related work out. I decided to go in for the interview because it would at least get me in the school system (for a look back at my job search check out herehere, and here).

I remember walking into the building and having that interview and it going well but still feeling apprehensive about the job. I remember being in Italy later that summer crying on the beach because I worried I would never get a counseling job and that my schooling had been for nothing. Then I remember getting a call a while later that the same school I had interviewed at for the testing coordinator (no one had been hired yet) had a counseling job opening and they wanted me to interview for that. I remember having to decide whether or not to interview since I had been offered a part-time and long-term sub position. I remember getting the call shortly after my interview that I had gotten the full-time job and how relieving and scary it was all at the same time, wondering if I had made the right decision.

I remember the first days and weeks; the students and staff; the learning curve and frustrations (even crying in my office); all the successes and laughter.

I remember the three new girls that came on board my second year and the changes that brought to my department; the new administrators and teachers; my increasing responsibilities (and out of town conferences I was able to attend); ticket sales and soccer coaching; more and more new friends that had come to work at the school.

I remember when I began hanging out with coworkers outside of work- it was a gradual process that evolved during my first year. I now can't imagine never having known them. I have been to their weddings, baby showers, and other celebratory events. People at MBK know my craziest secrets, my weaknesses and annoyances, and when I am having my "moments" and should be left alone. I feel comfortable talking with most teachers about just anything.

It is always hard to leave and start new somewhere, but I know that what I have found at MBK is enough workplace "social" satisfaction to last me my whole career. I will keep the people that I met in my heart and in my life long after I clean out my office.

The whole job process reiterates to me that everything happens for a reason. I was supposed to land at MBK when I did, instead of all those other schools I thought I should have been offered jobs at, and I believe that I am supposed to leave now. But I cannot imagine how different my life would have been having never met the amazing people I have on my journey. I will miss them all.

To all the faculty and staff at Meadowbrook High School (current and former)- THANK YOU! MBK has the best staff in the county, and I will miss you all more than you know. You are the reason I am successful. I will always be grateful.

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