Monday, November 22, 2010

A Hodgepodge of Things

Hello! I hope your Monday is going smoothly and you had a great weekend gearing up for a short holiday week (Wooooo)! In keeping with the craziness of this week, I have an array of thoughts to share.
#1. HARRY POTTER. The 7th and second-to-last movie came out this weekend (as if you didn’t know that, right?). I prepared for this showing by re-reading the book last summer (see post here). I thought the movie did a great job of keeping with the book, but I still get annoyed when they change little details that I don’t think need to be changed (like the fact that in the opening chase scene, Harry is found out by Hedwig being killed and not the curse he sends out. Stupid detail, I know, but why did they change it?). That is one of the issues with reading a book close to the movie- you become picky. BUT even when things like that drive me made, I enjoyed the movie, though I must say that knowing it would not have resolution within it kinda made it a little less enjoyable. It’s interesting to split a movie into two parts. I saw it with a friend, and how we got two seats in the very center of the pact theater (without coming in very early), is beyond me.
Also, for critics of HP out there- I understand. I don’t read Twilight or see the movies and get annoyed when they come out and people go crazy. But don’t hate on the movie if you have never read or liked the books. Yes, we know they don’t follow the books exactly and that you need to have seen the movies and read the books to understand everything clearly. That’s why random people don’t go see the movie. But don’t be cruel (cue Newsweek review where I actually laughed it was so mean).
#2. Social Networking. I found an interesting article by Newsweek  about how online socializing often makes people feel more lonely. In some ways I have to agree. I am a very social person- I do things with my friends or roommates most days or nights- but I do sometimes get on FB or twitter or what have you and seeing what OTHER people are doing makes me feel like I am leading a boring life (well, sometimes it makes me feel like I am leading a much more exciting life, too). It’s just something that I have noticed lately, which is why I actually use facebook less now, because I am happier when I am not on it as much. However, I do think it is also a choice- facebook can make you feel more connected or less connected depending on how much you use it and what for. I also agree with the author of the article that social networking has brought us closer to people who live further away. But if you live close to someone, facebook or twitter shouldn’t be the way you primarily contact them. It is sad that a random friend of mine, who I never see and haven’t seen since high school, knows more about me than my friends or family who aren’t on facebook. Or that the first thing I say when I talk with someone who I haven’t seen in a while, is something that they said or posted on their facebook page. Life is getting a little too out in the open to people who don’t know us.
Why do I feel this way, yet have a blog for everyone to see? Good question…I may change my mind about this in the future. For now, though, blogging is a hobby and a fun way to journal. At least I know that one other person may get entertainment from it. I also like to write, and I figure the people who know about this have either been told by me about it, or like me enough to find it on my facebook page, click on the link and come back frequently. So there you go.
#3. Planning. I have had conversations with people that I need to stop planning my daily activities and be more spontaneous. I find that certain friends, who shall remain nameless, do things at the drop of a hat, but when it comes to me organizing things to do with them, they never follow through and often don’t come because of other more spontaneous things that come up. It drives me mad, because I like to know what I am going to do, and, if I really want to do something, planning to do it so I am able to! Apparently, I am not normal in this sense. I am working on being more spontaneous.
#4. Holiday’s. This is the first year I actually have money to spend on Christmas gifts. I usually hate spending my own money, but this has been SO FUN. I already know what I am getting everyone, and I have gotten over half my gifts already. I am enjoying swiping the plastic. It is so nice to be able to support myself and my spending habits. I am very lucky.
Also, bring on the holiday music. Glee has a Christmas album out, so I am ready!!!!!
#5. LASIK. It’s official. I am getting LASIK January 17th. I have to go back out of my contacts after Christmas for 3 weeks (as opposed to 2 weeks this time), but it is soooo worth it. I am using the Flex Spending account I get through CCPS, so I will end up saving over $1,000 bucks. A little bit of money will come out before taxes of each paycheck, so I will pay it off over the course of the year. I am PUMPED. I am getting it done on a day off too, so I will probably only miss a half day of work (the following day I have to get an eye exam to make sure everything is good). After the surgery I can’t wear eye make-up for a week, and I have to make sure I don’t rub my eyes a lot for a while. I am becoming very conscious of that already, though. And eye drops, eye drops, eye drops along with no contact sports for a month, so no dodgeballL. Oh, well- small price to pay for perfect eye site without glasses or contacts!
Ok, I’m done!
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