Friday, May 13, 2011

Singing and Soccer and Life (Sans-Soda)

I have been a horrible blogger lately! I honestly have just had a very busy week. Soccer is winding down  and my chorus group is winding up, so it seems that I rarely have an evening to myself to just chill. On my one night this week to just hang out, my roommates and I went to see a movie, which was very enjoyable, but I am definitely feeling it today from being on the go all week and getting to bed a little later!

To update you on the choral group I am in, we were supposed to be going to a retreat this weekend where we would perform, but the retreat was canceled because of low turnout. BUT we still had a performance last night at a middle school concert, which was fun and the concert was cute (though MY middle school groups were MUCH better than these kids…I may bust out some videos this weekend). Once I get a video of our performance I will upload it (I saw people recording our 3 songs in the front row…now we just gotta find them!)- I even had a solo- holler! It was a nice throwback to my middle school days.

Soccer has been enjoyable but just long. Practicing or having games 5 days a week is just too much for me and many of the players. We also have only won one game, so I think it’s been a disheartening season. I don’t know if I will continue to do it next year, but I may help out with soccer or sports in general in SOME capacity. I just don’t know what yet. It’s been nice getting to know a new group of students though and being involved in a sport again. It wouldn’t be as big of a deal to coach if I didn’t need to work out or have a social life during the week, but the fact is I do and getting home anytime from 5- 8 pm after being at work since 7 am is fine one-in-a-while, but tough as the season goes on, especially when I am training for races. I mean we start practicing in February- it’s like my whole spring is gone. Our last game is on Tuesday, so I only have two more days of coaching. The head coach will not be able to coach next year, and I definitely won’t be head even if I do help out, so we’ll see what happens! It might be a nice change to have different leadership. I think it’s what these girls need- a tough, motivational coach, and I am too much of a counselor to be mean to students. I’m  more like, “ladies, let’s talk about our goals for the season and how we can get to those goals….is what you’re doing now cutting it? How can we work as individuals on a team to 
make this better?”

That’s about it for my news! Oh, and I have a product to plug- as you may know, I stopped drinking sodas last June (except for the occasional soda at parties), and mainly only drink tea and water. Well at work my new obsession is Crystal Light To-Go with Energy in the Wild Strawberry flavor. It is amazing and has as much caffeine as TWO Surges (remember that drink?) if you mix it with 16 oz. of water, though I usually do 24 to lighten the flavor. It is a nice pick me up in a delicious low-calorie flavor that also helps you drink a lot of water:). Try it!
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