Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Monument Avenue 10k

The Monument Avenue 10k was special this year because my WHOLE family was in town for the race! Usually I run this with my mom and brother, Nate, but my brother, Brian, and sister-in-law, Abbie, had a conference in D.C. on Saturday night, so they were able to coordinate flying into Richmond so they could run the race Saturday morning before going up to D.C.

Don't we look good for running 6 miles? Probably because we hadn't yet!

Pre-race finish line photo op.

 It was great weather for the race, albeit a little hot for my running liking, but everyone had a great time. I didn't PR like I wanted to, but I hadn't been doing speed work or many long runs because of my trip to Spain. Also, half-marathon training is definitely not one to prepare you for running fast! On my run this weekend my mile times were a minute faster than my half-marathon mile times, and that is a BIG difference in how I feel while I run! I even had to walk for 30 seconds each 5k, so I know my body was not prepared for the speed I went out in. I am hoping to get more speed work in before the Carytown 10k in May. I keep getting within SECONDS of PR'ing, so I think I can do it with proper preparation. I will never be a fast runner, but I think I can cut some seconds here and there for my 10k's!

Brian looks so happy at mile 5!

I am not feeling great but am great at faking it!

Nate looks good, too.

Pretty Monument Avenue in the spring!

Pretty soon to be sister-in-law, Sarah!

After the race we got to watch a few waves finish, but headed home quickly for a Spanish themed lunch before the bro's had to head to D.C.! A nice Friday night and Saturday morning, though.

Some of the fam.

This accurately depicts our sibling picture-taking issues.

Hope you had a great spring weekend!

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