Monday, April 21, 2014

Traveling is my favorite

Well, hello!

I am back from all my travels, and I had the best time. I think I say that every time I get back from a trip:) I most definitely have the travel bug. The second I get back from one place I am already thinking about my next trip! Greece- where are you?!

There is too much to say about my trip so I will let the pictures do the explaining! Though, I do fully believe that I am meant to live in California at some point in my life- the lifestyle, weather and pace is my kind of living! Who wants to help me get a job out there?!

Oh, and this trip was the first time I have ever been stuck in an airport overnight due to weather (thanks, springtime in Chicago)! Luckily, I got a distressed hotel rate and was able to stay the night in a nearby hotel and only got into LA 12 hours later than scheduled. But in the future I will be avoiding Chicago as a layover spot unless it is the summer.

I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. before my trip to Cali


Welcome to Hollywood! View from Griffith's Observatory.

We're so cool we gotta wear shades!

On the lookout for celebs!

Famous palm tree-lined streets!

Loooove Pasadena!

Redondo Beach!

Yay for VA friends in LA:)

Goodbye drinks for Sarah!

The Jeffersonian!

I wish they had been filming...still it was very cool!

Pretty rose gardens where Booth and Bones got married:)

On the set of Bones in LA's City Hall! 
Warner Brother's Studio tour!


Star's Hollow set!

Luke's from another angle!

Missing the gazebo, but the center of town:)

Star's Hollow High school to the right

More angles...

Friend's set!

Car from Harry Potter!

Sound stages! We saw The Big Bang Theory's...

Venice Canals:)

Venice Beach

Pacific view!
I'll miss you LA!
It was a great, busy trip! All the food was great, the weather was perfect for walking around, and the company was wonderful. I also got to experience the Metro numerous times, and saw everything on my bucket list! California- we will meet again!

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