Monday, July 13, 2015

Wedding # 2 of 2015

In the midst of my pretty lazy weekend that involved some pool time, front desk working, a long run, and hanging out on front porches with friends, I got to celebrate the wedding of my friend Dara!

I met Dara through my good friend Sarah in high school. Our first memories together were at Sarah's Confirmation and Bat Mitzvah and also our many trips to Cheeburger:) Dara was an awesome shopping and eating out buddy who also has a great love of sports! She was great at including me and my friends into her big friend group. We especially had many great memories during college when we were home for breaks and an entire summer of us and our friends all working at the same restaurant and hanging out every night:)

This is from May 2006 when we watched Sarah's little sis, Erin, go to her Senior Prom!
The ceremony and reception were at the Hotel John Marshall, which is not actually a hotel, but now is a residential building in downtown Richmond. It was built in the 1920's, though, so it is very elegant and when it was restored they kept a lot of the charm of the past century!

Image result for hotel john marshall richmond

This is my second Sunday wedding, and I would have taken off most of Monday except I am leaving for two weeks on Wednesday and feel bad taking even more time. That being said, I definitely had fun-> I just wish I could have stayed a little longer and been able to sleep in more this morning!

Me with the bride and groom!

Not paying attention per usual.

Some of the girls!

Old friends!
Even though I didn't actually go to high school with her and a lot of my friends at the wedding, it felt like a mini-high school reunion! It will be sad when these weddings no longer happen because I won't get to see people as much or in a big group. I had some moments of realization about that last night- it is exciting and sad as life moves on.

But it was a fun night! Congrats to Dara and Tim!

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