Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ticks, Fleas and Shedding...oh my!

Poor Romo. If you know me you know I love my two baby boys, Romo and Milo. They are two and eleven respecively and the cutest kitties ever (not that I am biased).  Here are some pics of Milo in the bathtub and Romo amongst stuffed animals (which one is him?)

Well, summer is not the best time for cats because of bugs and heat. They shed like mad all over the house and then get hairballs all the time from cleaning themselves. Fleas and ticks are another story. I Frontline both my boys, but fleas seem to always find their way in my house. Usually I ignore then until I am bitten. Yesterday, however, I found a tick on Romo. This is where I take things very seriously. I do not mess with ticks. I had to give him a flea bath. You would have thought I was slowly murdering him. His meow was so tortured it made me feel horrible. And then I found it amusing and wished I could videotape his pain (I am a horrible mother). Afterwards he would not sit with me all day and looked like a drowned rat.

But he dried off by mid-afternoon and has forgiven me today:)

Hopefully when I Frontline them later this week (I do it on the first of every month) they will be all set. The heat this summer has just made bugs come out exponentially and since I am moving into an apartment in not too long (hopefully) they need to get used to being indoors more anyways. So more medicine+flea baths+indoors= (hopefully) less fleas. We'll see.

Also, on the topic of my love for cats. This is a hysterical video about cats and engineers shown to me by my fellow cat loving friend, Jackie. I love it.

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