Monday, March 7, 2011

127 Hours of Love and Other Drugs

Yesterday was a rainy Sunday, so I decided after a delicious brunch downtown, to rest up and catch up on moves I had been meaning to see. I started with "127 Hours" at my parents house.

This was a very intense movie. I remember when the news broke about the climber who had cut his own arm off, but you never really understand what it's like until you see this movie. You really get inside his head about what it was like. Me and my mom could not watch the amputation scene (I watched bits of it through my fingers and had to plug my ears) even though we knew it was coming. How he was able to do that and then climb out out of the canyons (after 6 days and having run out of water and food two days before) and find help is beyond me. I balled my eyes out when he got rescued- I mean like "The Notebook" balled- tears everywhere. It is a very emotional movie. Definitely gets two thumbs up. I also then proceded to youtube any interviews with the real life Aron ralston, so I watched 90 minutes of a Dateline NBC with Tom Brokaw detailing everything. The movie definitely did him justice- very detailed and even the visions he saw in real life were depicted in the movie.

"Love and Other Drugs" was a more lighthearted movie that I saw with my roommates last night. I liked it- I find that if you go into movies just wanting a nice story and escape from life, you tend to enjoy them more. While this one didn't resonate with me like "127 Hours" (and it had lots of nakedness and sex...but I knew that going in) it was still enjoyable and a nice little tale about the pharmecutical industry.

So check both of them out if you have some time. Next up...I want to see 'Due Date."
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