Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Richmond Representin'

I've been so busy this week (hello soccer!) that I haven't even had time to think about a really cool blog post. I know you all are always anxiously, impatiently awaiting the words that flow from my mind.

Forgive me.

But I do want to mention how awesome the NCAA basketball tourney is this year. Richmond, Virginia is representing HARDCORE. Not only do we have two teams in the Sweet 16, but one of them is where my dad is a professor, my brother went for undergrad and I went for grad school! In case you live under a rock- I'm talking about VCU!! They shouldn't have even gotten into the tournament (I hear ya, Virginia Tech fans) BUT I love that they are just shoving that fact into every ones mouths. So what? They did and they are ROCKIN' it! And so is the University of Richmond! This is not as much of a surprise, but Richmond is owning their competition, too. I don't have as much connection with U of R besides living right by it and visiting the campus occasionally for events, but it is so fun to have two powerhouse teams in the area. None of either teams games have been close and it's been a great boost for the city. I hope hope hope that they both (or at least on) go to the Elite 8! It's nice to have ONE of my alma-maters doing well in basketball (ahhemm...UVA....).

*I am also a big Ohio State fan, so their whompin'-and-stompin' has been enjoyed too, but it's not as exciting since it's more expected (and I picked them to win the whole thing).

On a sad note, Richmond is also representin' in a sad way. The first American victim of the Tsunami in Japan was from Midlothian, which is where I grew up and currently live. She went to a neighboring high school and college. I actually knew this person briefly (we worked together one summer), but my roommate grew up with her and many of my friends knew her well. It just hits very close to home when you hear that someone your age, from your town died from this tragedy. I also have known many people that have been in Japan, China and Korea teaching, just like her. No doubt there will be other Americans found, but it is just a close reminder that we all live very fragile lives and are all very lucky to have what we do. So please keep her family in your thoughts.
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