Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Going Veg

I have never been a huge meat eater or a huge proponent of animal rights. I love animals, but their treatment in regards to killing so we could eat them was never something I thought much of. I have dabbled in vegetarianism before, simply to see if I could do it, and while I felt that it was never terribly difficult, I had no reason to really continue once my goal was reached (however many months I was trying for).

Now I do.

At the beach this past weekend my friend Nicole had the book, "Skinny Bitch," at her apartment. I was zipping through my romance books so I decided to take a break and read something more educational. This book blew my mind. Learning about what farmers do to animals (and then watching a PETA video) sealed the deal. Not only was I going vegetarian...I was going vegan. That's right. No meat or animal products, including eggs or milk (I won't go into the details of the book, but a huge point is that we are the only nation in the world that drinks milk after we are a kid (it's for GROWTH), let alone the milk of another species, and that the marketing telling us milk "does a body good" is all by the dairy industry NOT nutritionists, also the cows are treated are the chickens and pigs). Luckily, we live in an age where this shouldn't be too hard of a feat to accomplish due to the availability of soy and tofu based products, but it is still a big life change. I figured I can use my blog to chronicle my journey.

I am slowly easing into it- I am officially a vegetarian as of yesterday, but I am not going to be a full fledged vegan until the end of the month. I do not want to waste food I already have and with vacations and traveling it will be too difficult to start right now. Once I have time to find good foods and plan for events, traveling and such will be easier. I also recognize that I may not be able to be vegan all the time, but I will try my best and see how it makes me feel. Supposedly, going vegan is a very positive change for your body. I also am cutting out artificial sweetener (aspartame, splenda, ect) for more natural substitutes (truvia). It will be hard to give up my crystal light habit...that may be a more gradual change. What I really like about the vegan lifestyle is that it is NOT about counting calories or fat grams, it is about watching what you put into your mouth (i.e. reading ingredients) and not how much. Obviously you shouldn't gorge yourself on french fries (they are vegan) but if you eat mostly veggies, fruits and grains, you won't be fat.

I also know that many people think this is stupid. That is fine. I am doing this for me and the environment and I do not expect everyone to agree with it. If I hate it, I'll stop. But I am going to really go for it for the rest of my summer break since I have time to shop and cook foods I like.

Anyways, day #2 done- wish me luck! (And good luck to Nicole who is doing the same thing:))! And if this is something you have thought of or want more info on, visit
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