Sunday, July 24, 2011


Greetings! I just came back from my first ever work conference. My school sent 7 faculty members to Nashville to attend the High Schools That Work conference at the Gaylord Opryland hotel from July 20-23rd. It was fabulous! The hotel is AMAZING (pictures do not do it justice- I got lost multiple times in it), and it was really fun to be involved in such a huge conference (5,000 educators attended) and to explore a little bit of Nasvhille. I also got my own room with a king bed, which I have never had before (gave me good practice on what it would be like to live on my own), so I really enjoyed all the space I had. Honestly, you could stay at this hotel and never leave- we only left once to go out to eat in the city on Thursday (and allow my coworker buy some cute boots). There are so many restaurants, clubs, bars, events and things to do at this place (even a boat ride!). You have the feeling of being outside while not actually being outside (fountains, trees, pools, GREAT gym). It was great.

 It was also nice to get back into work. I have enjoyed my time off, but I do miss the feeling of productivity, accomplishment, thoughtfulness, problem solving and excitement that work brings. I got many great ideas for programs we are implementing at my school next year (and some that I am on committees for) and was enthused about the prospect of a new year. We each went to 13 sessions over the course of 2 ½ days, which was tiring towards the end, but they were all interesting I also got to get to know teachers better in my school who traveled with me. So it was a great time (minus the flying bit- only 1 of 4 of our flights was on time. Thanks Delta)! Next year the conference is in New Orleans- I hope I can get special permission to go again!

Some pictures of the hotel (yup, all inside)

The street vendor that reached out to give me a necklace, which made me scream and jump loudly, causing many bystanders and my group to laugh profusely

Meadowbrook High School crew in the city

I love when work is educational AND fun!
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