Thursday, February 16, 2012


It's my boyfriend! 

So, it's a Thursday night and I am sitting on my couch watching "Parenthood" on demand getting over my post-trip depression that I experience nine times out of ten when coming back from a cool place. I was in NYC Sunday through Wednesday for a work conference. As I stated here last year, I LOVE NYC. Like, it is my favorite city ever. I am just happy when I am there, even if I am in a boring conference room and especially if I am wandering the streets. It is magical. This time a coworker and I stayed in the Hilton New York on the corner of 53rd and 6th for a Gear Up Conference (a grant program my school has for our seniors), where I actually stayed when I went with my parents in Christmas 2003. It is a perfect location right between Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza. I love nice hotels with a nice gym (but sadly no free wifi) and having a room all to myself- I always feel so pampered!

We were able to see a lot in between meetings Monday and Tuesday and even got on the Today Show AND a trivia game with Kathie Lee during the 4th hour on Wednesday before we left (I am still trying to find the link online and when I do I will post it here- she was literally a foot from me for 15 minutes and we got on camera)! No matter how many times I see the Today Show I just can't get enough. It is part of my childhood!

It also snowed the 1st night we were there. You can't really tell, but it was so cool:)

It was also fashion week. Sadly no star sightings, but we did venture over to the Lincoln Center and see people suspiciously standing around with lots of cameras. We stalked for a little bit and saw no one.

Very empty on a misty, February morning! Definitely a good non-tourist time to visit!

Gearing up for our on-air trivia game! The two young girls work for NBC.

And a lovely, perfect, idealistic NYC evening with ice skating and a showing of Lady and the Tramp:)
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