Thursday, December 12, 2013


Hey there!

The sun finally shown through yesterday, and though it was chilly, I got in a nice, long 7 mile run after work. Finishing up my run as the sun is setting is one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, I stepped in water when I was in my socks at home before my run so I ended up getting some blisters. I am hoping that a few days off and proper protection will let them heal. I forget that my feet are very sensitive to blisters and damp feet + a long run = bad news for me. Last winter when I was training for my half it took me weeks to stop wearing protective bandages on my blisters. They fully healed by spring but now I am afraid I have opened the wounds again...ugh!

Luckily a few days off to let them heal will be easy because I am going to Austin today!!!

People keep asking why I am going doing a trip so close to the holidays when I already have built-in time off, but this trip was planned back in October to visit my friend Jane and her hubby with another friend of mine. This was the best weekend that worked (and we got great ticket deals)! The thing that has been the most stressful, though, is getting my Christmas shopping done early since I am losing a weekend. It is also sad to miss some holiday parties, but I am also glad that my main parties are NEXT weekend so I am not missing many gatherings.

I am excited to get out of town for a few days and that all the bad weather was LAST weekend, so hopefully everything will go smooth traveling. We should have a solid two and a half days to play in Austin! It will also be warmer than Virginia, so I am excited for a few less layers:)

Recap to come when I return! Have a great weekend!

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