Sunday, January 9, 2011


This weekend I was in Raleigh with many good friends surprising another good friend on for her 25th Birthday. She had NO idea! We have all known about this since November, so we were just hoping it would not get spoiled. It did not, and I think it was the best surprise I have ever been to because friends came from ALL over- D.C., Richmond and even Colorado! I have this awesome video to show the event. It is a little sideways and shaky at first, but eventually goes right side up.

The weekend was wonderful and everything a weekend with friends should be- full of laughs, good food, good drinks, relaxation and catching up. We even went to The Pit- world famous BBQ that was on the Food Network "Man vs. Food" (and me, who doesn't love BBQ, LOVED it).


And all with the love of some cute pooches:)

Now I am doing the snow dance for this week so I can catch up on my sleep:).
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