Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedding Crasher

My 2012 wedding season is over!

Since May, I have had the privilege of attending six weddings. All were wonderful and had unique character. I drank a lot of good alcohol, ate too much wonderful food, danced more than I have since college frat parties (and learned a few new, more classy moves), saw many wonderful friends that live near and far, bought many gifts and new dresses, and celebrated the best part of life- LOVE! Only one wedding was out of town, so I also didn't have to travel very far. And I only had one meltdown about not being anywhere near my own wedding (too bad it was on the way to a church of a wedding I was in), but I would still say it was a success!

Twenty Thirteen looks to be another busy season as well- as of now I know of SIX weddings I am invited to in June, July and August, and it looks as if that number may be going up! The mid- to late-twenties certainly are a time of wedded bliss! I also am lucky to have so many wonderful friends that think of me as someone they want to be a part of their special day (and am lucky to be in touch with so many people). It is getting to the point where I won't be able to attend all the weddings due to travel and time issues, but I am going to do my best because they are such great experiences (maybe I will actually bring a date to one of them?!)

So adios to this wedding season! I will rest my dancing shoes, wallet, and liver for next year!

Nicole and Dan in May

Sarah and Zack in June

Brooke and Peter in July

Cate and Ryan in September

Jane and Doug in October

Keaton and Keely in October

*And if you like trivia, I keep track of all of the weddings I have ever been to, and with the wedding this past weekend, I have been (not just invited) to 25 total weddings (I started young with my extended family)! Wedding snob, anyone?
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