Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week(end) Update

Sandy is putting a damper (literally) on my exciting weekend plans. I hate the idea of possibly losing power as much as I hate the idea of having to get a dental procedure done (cue the fact that I have to get gum grafts in the next few months). And Virginia is known for losing power with high winds because of all the trees. If you remember last year, my apartment lost power for 8 days. Now, I am in a different place where the complex only lost power for 1 day last year, but I hate losing power with a passion. Seems all my hobbies (besides exercise) revolve around the TV or computer. I should probably work on this (I actually am). SO I am calling it now that if we get hit like the weathermen say we will, I will be of school until Wednesday at least. Can't educate with no power!

Anyways, I have fun plans for this weekend including three Halloween parties and a cooking/baking extravaganza with my mom tomorrow. But that is not why I am feeling good- I am feeling good because I just had a nice week at work. It was one of those weeks where I was very productive, got to get out of the building for a networking opportunity and I actually got to do some counseling (say WHAT?!). I love good work weeks- the good mood from work seems to rollover into all aspects of your life. I also am taking charge in my free time by signing up to get back into volunteering (it has been too long since I regularly volunteered) and trying to find a part-time babysitting gig since many of my afternoons involve a workout and then sitting on my couch for 5 hours, which while I like that once in a while, is not how I want to spend my life. I enjoy being busy and hopefully putting these two new activities into place will be a fulfilling and fun way to expand what I do in my free time!

Also, I am hitting the week two mark of my low carb "trial." I am not doing this to lose weight, but simply to see how I feel and what changes I notice by eating more fat and less carbs. Thus far I have had very few side effects (poor performance in workouts and a slight headache), but I hear those will go away shortly. It has been difficult giving up some of my favorite foods (pretzels! bread! pancakes!) and limiting my sweets (though I will never give these up entirely), but I am feeling good overall. I will try this for probably another two weeks before I decide if it is worth it to stick with. On the plus side, I have consumed more veggies in the past two weeks than ever, so that has been a nice health benefit. I surely have learned a lot and will definitely continue to limit my carb intake, though I don't know if I will be able to keep it as low as I have (100-130 g/day when I normally eat 300-400g/day). Being a vegetarian AND low carb is not easy.

Anyways, that is my week(end) update. Stay dry and safe to my neighbors on the east coast!
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