Monday, June 10, 2013


Today, at 10:52 PM, I officially turn 27!

It has been a great birthday. I spent the weekend in Charlottesville at my UVA 5 year reunion with WONDERFUL friends from college. It was almost perfect (besides not being the nicest/most coherent person at 2 AM), and I got my fair share of UVA and Charlottesville-ness in terms of food, drinks, bars, friends and sites! I am already looking forward to my 10 year reunion! I think this will easily top any of my high school reunions- UVA knows how to do it right and it is much more fun to re-live college than re-live high school. I certainly felt like no time had passed and was back in my element.

To cap off a great weekend, I also got to spend today, not only celebrating myself with coworkers, friends, family and even MORE food, but the MBK class of 2013! It is always nice to see my seniors graduate, and this class was special since it was my FIRST group of students on my caseload when I started three years ago.

I figured it would be nice to document my feelings about turning 27, but the truth is that I am not feeling much of anything this birthday in terms of "oh my god I am getting old" or "this year will absolutely rock!" (a la turning 21). I am very content in my life currently and am excited for a lot of things that are coming up, so I think 27 will be a good year for me. Age is all about how you feel and not the actual age you are. I probably feel better at 27 than I did at 22 or 24...and definitely better than I ever did in my teens (those just weren't my best years).

So on this day, June 10, 2013, I wish myself another year of growth, fun, happiness, letting loose, and overcoming some challenges! I also hope to cross a few more items off my bucket list (I exed off 7 of 53 this year)! I guess I am not in my upper-twenties anymore, so I gotta make the last few years of the decade even better than the first!

Love to all my amazing friends and family! You all make going through this crazy life worth it!:)
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