Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Thoughts #2

I treat my Sunday runs as my "religious" thinking time. Usually it just means that as I am almost dying running, I tend to think about life and goals and whatnot. This week was a hodgepodge of thoughts...

Thought #1. Wheat Thins. What is it about them that makes them so addicting? They go with everything...peanut butter, hummus, cheese, solo, ect.  I literally buy a box and open it and 2 days later (aka 9 servings) they are gone. WHERE did they go? I don't feel like I've eating 9 servings...they are just so good. Basically it all boils down to the fact that I should just not buy them unless I want to count out each serving which ain't gonna happen when you eat them by the handful! Shout out to my good friend Lauren who experiences the same issue with the deliciousness of wheat thins:).

Thought #2. Eating. I run so I can be in shape but also so I can enjoy life and have more freedom in what I eat (if you know me, you know I loooove my sweets). But have you ever thought about how quirky everyone is in their eating habits? Living with multiple roommates through college and currently, you realize everyone has weird eating habits. And being skinny doesn't mean you never eat and being larger doesn't mean you eat all the time- the size of people and their eating habits rarely match. People also eat weird things- one of my roommates will get a random vegetable and experiment with it and make her whole meal surrounding her random vegetable (last week was acorn squash and eggplant). I never buy vegetables (besides carrots), so that would never occur to me. But then again, my favorite lunch is honey pretzels dipped in peanut butter with some yogurt, so who am I to talk? I also consider cooking microwaving or heating something up on a stove.

Thought #3. I really should move. I live in a really nice neighborhood in a great townhouse with very cheap rent near great shopping, but I live near no one my age and am really only close to three decent drink/hangout places. I have run into two teachers while out running this winter -my 4th grade teacher and (today) my 9th grade English teacher (who I both loved). It's nice to run into them and always fun to catch up, but I am a single 24 year old and these teachers are married with young children. We should not be living the same lives. It just reiterates the fact that I need to move to the city to be with people my own age and to enjoy my life as a young adult. The suburbs can wait!

Though #4. Breaking points. Everybody has a point that they reach where all their troubles and issues collide and they have what I term a "mental breakdown." The average person probably has at least one a year or more depending on life situations (I used to have them quite frequently in elementary and high school while doing school work- right M& D?). Well I had one last night, not school related. Oddly enough, I find them very freeing actually. It's like once you have them all the issues have been brought to the surface and you can deal with them. I also always experience clarity during the moments when I am at my lowest. Last night was no exception and just means I can't run away from my issues, I now have to face them. I hope I can do it to make a positive change.

Thought #5. I really hate Ben Roethlisberger, and I just don't get why athletes and movie stars can get away with loads of crap (that would hurt a normal person's name greatly) AND can make in one week what it takes a normal person YEARS to make. I mean, I love a good football game and a good episode of "Bones" where David Boreanaz is looking exceptionally hot, but what they make in one week will take me five years. Somehow that doesn't seem fair.

And with that note- Go Green Bay! Enjoy your parties tonight!
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