Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wine Expo

Richmond hosts the Virginia Wine Expo every February where wineries from across the state come to showcase their wines. Since I went to college in Charlottesville where there are a tone of wineries, I have had the privilege of tasting and visiting many vineyards in the area. Not to mention that my brother, Nathan, worked at Horton Vineyards in Charlottesville and now is the head winemaker at Sunset Hills Vineyard in Purcellville (funny story about Horton coming later). Needless to say, I love wine. What better way to end the dull, short month of February than drinking all day?

So I recruited my roommates and friends to come to the all day walk around tasting at the Convention Center yesterday from 11-6. It was $35, so we wanted to get our money's worth! We got there around 12:30 and immediately began our tasting. There were about 5-6 wineries per "isle" and about 7 isles. We went to one by one, snaking around to each winery and by 5:30 when the tasting ended, we only got through to the 3rd/4th isle. We had to wait our turn to taste at every stand since it was crowded, but the waiting was good because we got to chat and slow down our drinking. We sampled anywhere from 4-8 wines at each stand. Needless to say, we were VERY happy by the end. We bought some bottles and drank some more there (drunk people sure do love to spend money...good thinking on the expo's part), and I probably ran into a dozen or so old high school classmates. Good thing I ran into most of them at the beginning, because things were not looking so good towards the end...

About 2 hours in things start to get silly.

Because at a wine expo OF COURSE there is a stand selling spices where you can win a fake moustache playing rock paper scissors (this is my manly face).

Chris's manly (angry?) face

1/2 Group shot...looking good?

 Drinking the wine we bought at the end...notice how empty the isle is but we didn't want to leave!

So my fun story about Horton: The event went until 6, but they had to stop serving us at 5:30. We did not know that because no where did it state that would happen. Anyways, we happened to be by Horton when it hit 5:30 and since Nate worked there, I wanted to go and chat with them and try some of their new stuff. Well, apparently my connection didn't matter because they would not serve me. I was mad. So when we got home last night at 6:30 and my whole house was dying from drinking so much, I angrily called my brother and left a drunk message about how Horton sucks and he should be mad at them (or something to that nature). He then texted me later on with 5 simple words, "Gummy worms cure wine hangovers." I then proceeded to yell at my roommates that we needed to get gummy worms so we would be alive today.

Thanks, Nate.

(We are all alive because we went to bed at 7 pm). Holler.
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