Monday, May 20, 2013

Over Halfway!

I have successfully made it (mental state in tack) through 8 days of no running!

Instead of my usual runs, I have been going on 4 mile walks with great friends! It has been a very social way to get some exercise, and I still feel the burn from a fast walk (who knew?).

I have done 3 walks with my neighbor, Sally (on the right)

A lovely walk with Michelle

My running turned walking buddy, Jessica!

 I walked the track at my school with my co-coach before our last game on Tuesday, so I have only gone on one walk by myself and did two short elliptical workouts alone. I have kept up with abs and weights and feel very good! I think I may take this "break" and incorporate it into my normal routine. Sometimes less is more, and in terms of running, I think incorporating more walks into my weekly routine instead of running most every day might be a good idea.

One week to go!

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