Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I had a great weekend in Chicago! I would describe the city as very "livable." I love big cities, obviously NYC, D.C., and San Fran are some of my favs, but so many of them seem very hard to live in due to cost of living and jobs. Chicago didn't feel that way- it is very affordable, easy to get around, and super-clean! The weather was also great, so I didn't experience it in the dead of winter, but I think I could totally live there. It was a great weekend.

We landed from Dulles at about 10:30 on Friday and made our way to our Air B & B in Boystown on the El. Immediately we got organized and went back downtown and had Deep Dish Pizza. Priorities people. It was amazing!

Being touristy around Millenial Park and Michigan Ave. Notice that all the flowers and trees were just starting to bloom, so it was beautiful!

View of the city from the John Hancock building where we were in a bar on the 95th floor!

Pretty river! The Trump building is behind me in this picture- it is massive!

Our great brownstone from Air B & B! It makes you feel like you are more of a local than a hotel and it was fun to explore the neighborhood it was in and all the bars/restaurants nearby. It was also half a mile from Lincoln Park running trails along the lake! 

At the end of the night we went out to eat and I got a free donut from a local shop after having such a hard time deciding which one I wanted- I was PUMPED. I also was out until 1:30 AM Chicago time after having gotten up at 5:30 AM Virginia time...so needless to say I was tired!

Day 2 (Saturday) I was on my own as my bro and sis-in-law went to an EIGHT HOUR PLAY. Crazy, right? So after a great 5 mile run along the lake, I went back downtown for more exploring and the Chicago Art Institute! It was a HUGE museum (you could spend an entire weekend there), but I saw the main things and made my way through in a little over an hour. I am definitely a museum "walker" in that I don't stand and stare at stuff- I slowly walk through. The Impressionism rooms were great, and I saw a lot of famous paintings!

Then I ventured around the museum to a park and walked around.

Oh, and this thing called the NFL Draft was there all weekend?!

Guiliana and Bill Rancic's restaurant!

We stayed less than a mile from Wrigley Field. A game had just finished when I walked there so the streets were a mess of drunken people. It was awesome.

I ended the night with my group in a dive country western bar. It was ridiculous. And I stayed out until 4 AM! This was not my usual lifestyle, but I did it!

A $10 Polaroid from an old guy at the bar?! And me and my awesome bro!

Day 3 was a little more leisurely. I started my day off (late) with a run and then we went to brunch and explored some new areas. I tell ya, staying out late and getting up late really messes with my internal clock-> I felt "off" all weekend! Ha.

Harpo Studios!

Being silly waiting for the El after we had watched a guy modeling in the street outside a bar...

Nearby DePaul University and Lincoln Park Zoo

Just an awesome skyline!

We ended our last night at a cuban restaurant before flying out early Monday morning (the traffic at 6 AM getting to the airport was ridiculous-> we actually almost missed our flight due to that and the long security line. We had to run to the gate and boarded with less than 10 mins until pushback). But, it was an awesome weekend, and I am so glad I got to see Chicago. The food everywhere was great (especially deep dish pizza and Argo Tea-> we need to have that in Virginia)! Perhaps I can work there once I get my PhD....? :) We'll see!

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