Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oops! I did it again...

It's official...I signed up for another marathon! I will run Richmond November 14, 2015!

I previously said I was planning on signing up for this race and the training team that is in the area, but I am going to be honest-> the closer the deadline came to sign up, the less and less I have wanted to do it. I think the humidity and time commitment hit me and it did not sound as fun as it did when I signed up for Shamrock this winter. However, I really want to run Richmond because it is in my backyard (literally), the training program is AWESOME, I will have so many friends and family that can cheer me on here, and the course is beautiful. The race itself is at a great time of year (November), it's just that a chunk of the training is in the heat and humidity of Virginia summers. However, I am going to shorten my training like I said I would after Shamrock and really focus on only intensely training for 12 weeks. The training program is 24 weeks and starts May 30th but doesn't ramp up in intensity until late August (until then it doesn't even get above 13 miles). SO, I am going to go on the Saturday runs when I am in town during the summer, but I won't begin the weekday training until late August. Instead, I will run my normal 3-5 miles a few days a week in the summer. I really dislike summer running, so I think a more casual approach will help me get motivated to work harder in the fall.

Right now I have no goals for the race and will see how I feel come fall until I set any. Ideally I would love to get a sub-4 hour marathon, but it is still 6 months away, and I honestly just want to get to the starting line healthy. I hope to do more speed work for this training season, run fewer days, and log less "junk" miles. The cool thing about this training team is I will have an entire plan already made for me, unlike this winter when I made my own plan. I am interested to see how it works differently and how I feel following a different approach and with one already under my belt.

Currently, I am almost done with my week running break, and I have enjoyed walking more. I think that I will incorporate more walks when the heat gets really bad throughout the summer, so I can still get mileage in but can give my body a break. I also have a long two week vacation in mid-July where not much running will happen:).

So here is to marathon #2! It is true what they say- marathoners are crazy! You hate yourself miles 20-26.2 and then you sign up to do it again:) I feel a little crazy for doing it right now, but I look forward to experiencing the training team!
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