Monday, June 15, 2015

Coffee > Everything

Summer weekends seem to fly by, don't they?

This weekend I was able to catch up on life from the week and do some things that I have been wanting to for a while! The first of this was Friday Cheers on Brown's Island in downtown Richmond. This is a live concert series offered in May and June every year- and I haven't been to since high school! I think in high school it was the "cool" thing to do when you could drive-> downtown music is so hip!

My friend Nathalia and I along the river.

We got there early so it wasn't crowded. I love the views!

Chillin' and watchin' music

Gorgeous sunset that night- it was hot, though!

I like looking at the city buildings in the background with the island and canal in the forefront.

I stayed out until about 9 PM and had to get home to get to sleep for my early morning. Saturday morning I had marathon training team at 7 AM (no sleeping in even on weekends!). I am on team Merlot (there are a lot of sub teams due to the size), and they take weekly pictures. Here is my pre-first run picture (before the humidity hit).

I love hats in the summer because sunglasses give me weird tan lines and don't block the sweat!
After the hot run, I laid out for a bit, napped, and drove up to Maryland with my dad for a surprise retirement party for a family friend. We were there about 3 hours before coming back.

Sunday morning, I had a ridiculously hot run, and rewarded myself with iced coffee in a brewery glass. Because coffee > everything (as someone on my instagram feed so eloquently put it).

Then, I went to my summer job where I work the front desk about once a week at Willow Oaks County Club. I literally roll towels and read for 8 hours. It is not very exciting, but I do get a free meal and it is nice to have a little extra spending cash for the summer.

For some reason I was SO TIRED when I got off (a week of less than ideal sleep hits me hard), so I went home and laid on the couch for the rest of the night. I started Orange is the New Black season 3 on Friday, so I saw an episode of that, and caught the end of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-> such a good movie! I cried. I love the scenes in Santorini because I know exactly where they were filmed!

What did you do this weekend? Anyone watching OITNB? What do you think?

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