Friday, June 12, 2015

Not the Best

I'm gonna be honest, 29 was not my best birthday.

I came home on Tuesday night to this- a broken AC unit and my condo at 81 degrees.

The delights of home ownership
I called Michael & Sons, a local company, and talked to a very nice technician who told me they would be out at my house between 12 and 4 pm on Wednesday. I prepared to sleep in the heat!

This bedside set-up reminded me of my dorm in college that didn't have AC...I don't know how I survived!
Of course I tossed and turned all night, so I woke up on my birthday exhausted. I planned on a long run, but I was not feeling it for numerous reasons, so I did a short run and went to work. My coworker brought me fruit and sunflower seed butter and another brought me cupcakes! All food is good food:)

Happiness on my desk
We had our 8th grade "graduation" ceremony, so work was fun, but I left early when I got a call from the HVAC technician. It turns out that it was my capacitor, which was a cheaper fix (couple hundred versus couple thousand). However, my compressor overheated while the capacitor was being fixed, so my AC had to be kept off all afternoon and we didn't know 100% if it was fixed.

I am not gonna lie, those few hours were not great. My mind kept going to "what will I do if I have to get a new AC unit? How will I pay for it? WHY DO PEOPLE OWN THINGS? Home ownership is a waste! I'm gonna sell my place and rent forever-> at least you can plan financially even if it is more expensive each month! Ahhh but I love my condo- what if my rental place has crazy neighbors?!" 

I went on a walk to clear my head but I only made it worse because my mind kept wandering. It's amazing how repairs can really set you financially back, especially if they pile up back to back! It's hard to always have enough...

I turned my AC back on right before I went to my stats class. I *thought* it was working, but wouldn't know for sure until I got back later in the night. So I had a thrilling stats class (I really love math but the class is boring and the professor goes pretty slow because a lot of people haven't had the material before) and then met friends for Thai food!

I had a big birthday dinner last year, so I wanted something smaller this year where I could talk to everyone. I met with three friends at a place in Carytown. Look at the sign I saw on my way to the restaurant! Haha.

Throwback to the 90's, and I appreciate it.
After a delicious dinner, we went to sweet frog for some fro yo goodness. 

We don't mess with Sweet Frog!

We ended our evening around 9 PM-> out late on a work night! And when I got home my AC was officially working! So the day ended well, but I could have done without the first parts of it:) I went to bed before 10 PM because I did a group run Thursday morning at 5:45 AM.

I honestly do not put a lot of pressure on myself to have "amazing" birthdays, because it can leave you feeling disappointed. I distinctly remember on my 16th birthday, crying after my parents had gone to bed because it wasn't as amazing as I thought it was supposed to be. It wasn't bad by any means, but just not that INCREDIBLE day that everyone expects. From then on I have taken a much more low-key approach to birthdays, and I like that better. I am happy to be turning a year older and celebrating, but don't like the expectations of the day. So even though this year was not my best, that is ok. It can always be worse. And, hey, I feel like it can only go up from here!

Anyone else have a particularly good or bad birthday experience? I had a surprise party on my 15th which was awesome (thanks to my amazing friend, Sarah!) and totally unexpected and my 21st was very fun, too!
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