Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The night I met David Duchovny

So I fulfilled a childhood dream on Monday night, and met David Duchovny at a concert in D.C. You may or may not know he released an album (because why not when you have that much money?), but my love for him extends from The X Files, Californication and various movies. I have had a fangirl crush on him since I was 14.

The meet and greet tickets were not SUPER expensive, so I forked over a little extra money to guarantee that I would meet him. I figured that this would probably never happen again and since we was coming so close to where I live, I needed to do this! I still regret not seeing him on broadway a few years back...

So I got my bro and sis-in-law to join me (along with a friend and his wife) and we ventured into D.C. during rush hour on a Monday (woot woot). I did get to leave work early to drive up, so it made my Monday at work more exciting than normal:)

Howard Theater is in a cool part of D.C. right off U street. I just love D.C. so much it is always fun to go into the city. The theater had tables, a bar and a main floor area in front of the stage, which made it feel more like a lounge than a concert area. It was cool!

Meeting him was super-quick, but amazing. Once the doors opened at 6, I was in a line that wrapped down the stairs to a dressing room. We were instructed to give our phone to a lady when we walked in, shake his hand and chit chat quickly before taking the picture. I told him I liked his leather jacket and got to shake his hand twice:) He looked SO GOOD! Better in person than on TV. And I would like to point out how skinny his legs are...

My marathon training legs can take his.
I was literally shaking when I left the room because of how good he looked. And then I proceeded to social media my picture for all my friends and family. It was awesome. Currently I have upwards of 150 likes- this is equivalent to an engagement announcement. No big deal.

My group then had dinner next door and went back in a little later to catch the show! My camera did not take great pictures, but check them out! 

He bantered with the crowd between songs and I was close to the stage the whole time (standing room only tickets). It was really cool to see him so close for so long. He is not an amazing singer or anything (he has so much money, I am sure this is just a dream/fantasy hobby), but the opportunity to see him perform and meet him was amazing. There were definitely some crazy fan people there (they made me feel much better about my level of obsession for him), but it was a very cool night. I probably enjoyed him talking between the songs the most, but there were some catchy songs and the band was great (I should probably listen to my signed CD)! 

The group consensus was that it was very fun, but he is not what anyone would call a singer. In fact, my brother joked that this might have made him like him less, but I beg to differ:)  We also had a bet on how many times he would mention The X Files and we all lost- he never mentioned the show or anyone related to it at all! This was clearly a night about the music. Ha.

And now I can die happy:)

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