Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ice Day

Hey there!

Just checking in quickly today as we had our first "snow" or ice day of the winter! I am thankful for the day off as I have felt "off" all week. We got sleet/ice for a few hours overnight and in the early morning hours, so school was canceled before sunrise. It definitely stinks to get the calls at 5 and 6:30 AM because it makes sleeping in hard, but no complaints from me! I was able to do a treadmill run and have a leisurely morning. It is tradition for my educator friends and I to meet at Starbucks on snow days, so that was fun! Roads were surprisingly bad near my place- usually the city roads clear fast, but I had to drive VERY slow. Ice is tricky!

i95 ax
Lots of accidents!

Sadly, I have to go to VCU tonight for class- the semester has officially begun! I don't have any negative feelings towards beginning classes again: I just hope it is the same work load as last semester, which was very manageable and still allowed me to have a life. I am excited to begin teaching/supervising graduate students this semester, though!

I will be doing my snow day dance for another day off (or at least delay) tomorrow! The county I work in is very large with rural areas, so those are the ones that usually get use closed:)
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