Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thoughts This Week

You just never know what a week will bring, right? 

This week so far has been some sort of hodgepodge/blur and a lot of "meh". Monday was normal (from what I remember? It's crazy how days blur so much). I had to go down to VCU to meet a professor about being on a potential research team and ended up being stuck in traffic for 20 minutes to go .2 miles due to road work. That was fun. Then I got a weird feeling about the whole research thing and started my normal "oh my gosh is this what I want to be doing with my life?!" thinking. Le sigh. Welcome to practically each week as a doctoral student. Then I came home to drown my sorrows in more Netflix viewing. I started on Californication season 3. And reading for class....I think I did some of that this day?

I don't know what is better- an expected snow day or an unexpected snow day, but I think I would say unexpected! We randomly got snow Tuesday morning (the very southern part of the big nor'easter) so I woke up to a 2-hour-delay call (!) and then was told schools were closed. Sadly, I still had to go in (I am a 12 month employee, so I go in some snow days that students/teachers don't), BUT I got a lot done without students around! It was a fun day and only 6 hours long, which is a plus!

Three lone cars in the front parking lot.

I had to do my long weekday run on Tuesday after work (8 miles) and thankfully the snow was melted off the road but still falling, so it was pretty! It was an ok run. Not bad and not great- I really just wanted it to be done with. I really don't like running so late in the day but I don't have enough time in the mornings for runs above 5 miles unless I get up in the 4 AM hour which I refuse to. Afterwards I went over to a condo association meeting. I am in charge of creating a community blog- YAY! That coupled with wine and my low drinking tolerance made for an enjoyable albeit emotional evening. I'll just leave it at that. Meh.

On another hodgepodge note...I did find fun pictures in an album I was looking at this weekend! These are from my first and second semester at college:) I actually remember both of these nights well- isn't that funny how certain things stick out?

And to add to my randomness...from a Friday training last week- I found out I am an ESTJ...though I really think I am an ESFJ. It has been fun to think about and analyze people by their Meyers-Briggs personality type!

So....that has been this week so far. I am hoping for a better end and more good things rather than "meh!"

What is your personality type? How much snow did you get in your area? 
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