Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Marathon Burnout

I am tired of marathon training.

There, I said it.

I was so INTO marathon training for the first half of my training cycle. I looked forward to the runs and the schedule and the challenge of it all. I was training for a marathon! I felt like I was high on life and achieving a new goal!

Recently, though, probably because of the weather and slight aches/pains and just getting tired of HAVING to run a certain amount of distance on a particular day, I am just ready for it to be over.

I am ready to feel like my body is rested and running on its optimal fuel. I have been dragging lately.

...ready to not be so hungry all the time.

...ready to not be tired at 7 pm every night.

...ready to say goodbye to all these new aches and pains.

...ready to be able to go out of town or out on a certain night and not worry about how that will affect my Saturday long run.

...ready to run however many (or not) miles I want to in a day.

...ready to be lazy when the weather sucks (i.e. is cold or snowing) and not worry about it impacting my training.

...ready to EXPERIENCE the race and check it off my bucket list.

...ready to be done.

I hate that I am feeling this way on the biggest mileage week of my training cycle, but I am. I think if I do another marathon, I may need to have a shorter cycle. I think I could probably have cut this cycle 2 weeks shorter than I did. I will end up doing an 18, 19 and (weather permitting) 20 miler, and I probably could have eliminated one of those. I am even thinking that if the weather this weekend stinks due to snow on the roads, I won't be too worried about not getting my 20 in. I got my 19 in, at least, even though it would end up being 5 weeks out from the race when ideally your last longest run should be 3 weeks out. But my body and spirit are just tired and could probably benefit from a longer taper. Maybe. But I also know that I like doing things "by the book" and the run will most likely happen. I haven't missed a single run this training cycle (hence why I might be burnt out). I am just mentally trying to cut myself some slack:)

Anyways, you live and learn. I wish I could find more blogs that talk more about mentally becoming "over it!" during a training cycle. Half marathons look SO GOOD right about now. I am actually signing up for one in April in the Outer Banks:)

Long story short: I still love running, just would love running a little less:) 

Any mental tips for me?!
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